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We are the topmost social media optimization company in India who has the expertise to provide the online mileage that the brands look for.

SMO Services in India

With the internet came e-commerce. And with that came SEO companies. Most of the aspiring clients were using Google and Yahoo! to check out their requirements, and the higher the SEO ranks of brands the more were their visibilities.

But that was later on taken over by the social networking sites. Now there is social media optimization where a brand tries to make the best of impact using social media marketing skills. With an increasing number of populations in social media, there is little doubt that a brand can get a great extent of mileage for its reputation if it hires a good company for online reputation management.

Why Choose Us?

At, we offer the most modern ways of SMO services in India. The concept is new here and one needs to understand the way it is done as well as its impact. We offer free tutorials to our aspiring clients, and fortunately, we have a great deal of data available with us for the clients we have already served. These real time data helps in understanding what impact social media optimization can do to a brand.

Our Major Services:

We offer a huge gamut of value added services like:-

  • Improving presence on online social media 24X7 that can enhance viewership- it’s very simple- out of sight is out of mind which we never let happen
  • Penetrative approach to increase interaction with aspiring clients by asking to take a survey or giving a feedback over FB, Twitter of Google+.
  • Regular monitoring of trends over online social media so as to consider changes in approaches of social network marketing.
  • Free suggestions for improvements for consideration of the top management related to brand impact management.

How Much Difference Do We Make?

The impact that we being the pioneer SMO Company in India can make is huge! We can prove that with data of our existing clients as to how much their viewership and reputation has gone up after adapting our social media optimization services. It is not that only youngsters are there over social media; even elderlies have joined in as of late. For convenience, they look for feedback available online through articles, blogs and ORMs. That is why not only online presence for a brand but also good reputation management is a must today for most of the branded products or services.

The extensive use of smartphones have also made it more obvious since one can always check about a brand anywhere over the internet, and her/his judgement is highly influenced by the online feedbacks that are available instantly over FB, Twitter and Pinterest.

At IQ Web Technology, we are the topmost social media optimization company in India who has the expertise to provide the online mileage that the brands look for. We can make the maximum impact, and most importantly, we are highly affordable. That is the reason why we are not just catering to big corporate entities and brands; we are also equally popular among the start-up companies of the country.

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